Motivational Stories – Daruma – Wishes And Projects

This page contains affiliate links The Daruma Doll: The Figure For Good Luck In Japan If you spend some time in Japan you are bound to encounter a unique doll – a red, round, humanoid creature that lacks legs or arms. The doll may or may not have eyes while others have some fancy facial […]

Overcoming Fear Of Failure

We can all fear failure or even just taking that first step towards getting something done, even when we KNOW it will improve things and it can seem easier and less stressful to do nothing, no matter whether we need motivation for finals, motivational fulfillment or whatever. Quite often managers look for ways to motivate […]

Overcome Denial

I’m In Denial – Now What? This was told to me by someone I knew some years ago: Agnes’s Story “I know others have told me to lose weight. Even my doctor has told me to lose weight. I thought he said ‘wait, wait’ and I asked, ‘wait for what?’ ‘No,’ he said, ‘The problem […]