Overcoming Fear Of Failure

We can all fear failure or even just taking that first step towards getting something done, even when we KNOW it will improve things and it can seem easier and less stressful to do nothing, no matter whether we need motivation for finals, motivational fulfillment or whatever. Quite often managers look for ways to motivate […]

8 Ways To Get Your Motivation Back

Avoiding procrastination If you are a procrastinator and find it hard to motivate yourself to start that project or get a piece of work done then these 8 top tips can help. 1. WHY? Look at what needs to be done and ask yourself why you are doing it? Think of all the positive reasons […]


5 Tips For Overcoming Procrastination

“Just 5 more minutes and I’ll get back to work.” How many times do you tell yourself this exact statement every day? If you answered multiple times, you are definitely not alone. Millions of people the world over procrastinate to some degree. It’s just that some are chronic procrastinators. Their careers and personal lives get […]