7 Steps to Transform Your Life Right Now

Personal transformation sounds so intense. In truth, it’s not anywhere near as hard as you may think it is to change your life around completely. It’s just a matter of intentionality coupled with some probing questions to get you turned in the direction you need to go.

Don’t believe it? Consider these steps to transform your life right now, which don’t take long at all:

Craft a Dream
What is it you want to do? What excites you? What is it you’ve been talking about doing forever? These are your dreams, and they’re going to be the backbone of what you want to become. When you set on the road to personal transformation, this is probably one of the most important steps.

Challenge the Status Quo
We grow up with several beliefs, which we pick up almost by osmosis. These are things we gained from our parents or the other authority figures in our lives. We gain them from teachers, things we’ve read, or experiences we’ve had. But are they all good? Or are some of these ideas doing more to hurt you than to help? Use this step to re-assess what you believe and to throw out those things which no longer serve you.

Listen to Negativity
We all have self-talk, which we use to push us to new heights or firmly push us back into our places when we try to succeed. In this step, you want to listen to what this little voice says, paying special attention to anything negative which comes up. Make a note of these negative words. You’re going to want to write a new dialogue so you can replace them with something more positive.

Find Something to be Thankful For
There are many reasons to be grateful in any life. Focus on some of these items right now to remind yourself of the things going right. It will cleanse your palate from the last step and point you toward areas where there might be room for continued growth.

Discover Your Passion
What excites you? What is it you’re willing to fight for? These passions must somehow be linked to your dreams and take your new beliefs and give them power.

Visualize the Future
You have an idea of the transformation now, with a clear path to follow and some ideas of areas you want to explore. Sure, you’re going to want to hone things as you go, but this will get you started.

Finally, you reach a point where there’s nothing else to do but to push forward. The only way to get there is to begin.