Achieve Your Goals by Hiring Professionals Outside Your Company

Read more informative articles on Keep The Fire Lit today! Many entrepreneurs choose to hire independent professionals rather than full-time employees because the former provides several unique benefits to the business. This article from Keep The Fire Lit outlines some of these benefits and shares tips on hiring freelance sales and marketing professionals. Why Hire […]

The Secret Is In The Bramble

Are You A Bramble Marketer? On my frequent walks in the local area, I get time to observe the local environment and sometimes really useful ideas spring up from things I have seen. The local hedgerows have a lot of brambles and this year, they have been shouting at me to watch them and learn. […]

Getting Back Into The Flow Zone

Got It In One Did you ever see a cartoon or comic strip that either captured your feelings exactly or illustrated something that you had felt but never really understood? This is one of the reasons for having cartoonists (and poets and jesters), who often see or capture things that others have failed to observe. […]