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How To Stay Motivated After Starting Your Diet

A lot of people ask how to stay motivated during a diet. The first couple of weeks are easy: you make a few changes, you lose a lot of weight, and you generally feel good about yourself. Dieting is a grind though, and before long you hit a plateau and wonder if you’ve become a […]

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5 Surefire Ways To Find Motivation To Workout

Ever felt so good after working out that you told yourself you just have to do it again? But on the next day, you’ve lost all motivation and you resort back to your old, unhealthy ways. Many people have been on the same boat. You may want to sweat more often, but you simply lack […]


Time Management Tips

Before a person can manage his time properly he needs to understand exactly what time is. Most dictionaries will tell you that time is a period or point at which things occur. To put it more simply it just means time is when things happen. There are two different types of time. There is real-time […]