Motivational Stories: Red Riding Hood Returns

Motivational Stories

There are many folk and fairy tales that can be rewritten to provide motivational and inspiring stories we can apply to our own lives. Here is the story of Red Riding Hood, told for the first time, to show how she got back home from Granny’s cottage, through the dark and dangerous wood.

Red Riding Hood Returns
Red Riding Hood Returns

Red Riding Hood Must Return Home

After Red Riding Hood and Granny were rescued from the wolf, they sat down in front of the fire for a rest and a drink of sweet spring water with some of the bread and cakes and talked about how Red Riding Hood would get home before dark.

“Granny, I was so frightened,” confided Red Riding Hood, “I thought I would never see you or mother again!”

“Yes, me too,” said Granny, “But how did the wolf get here before you,” she asked?

“I, … I was talking to him in the wood,” said Red Riding Hood, not meeting Granny’s gaze.

“You strayed from the path, then,” Granny commented.

Red Riding Hood nodded, “But it’s all right now, the wolf is dead.”

“He is not the only wolf,” Granny commented, “But the path is magic and if you stay on it, you will be safe.”

“But I did stay on it,” burst out Red Riding Hood, “My feet were on it the whole time I was talking to the wolf.”

“But where was your head,” Granny asked? Red Riding Hood just looked at her. “My head?” Granny nodded.

Red Riding Hood thought about that for a minute. “My head was talking to the wolf,” she said?

“Exactly,” said Granny. “Don’t talk to the wolf.”

Decide Your Objective And Draw A Map

Granny said she would draw a map of the way home for Red Riding Hood as it would help her stick to the path, even when things didn’t look the way she remembered them. She picked a roll of bark off a log beside the fire and a piece of charcoal from the ashes and drew on the inside.

“We are here,” she said, drawing a small thatched cottage, near the bottom of the bark, “and your home is here.” She sketched an “X” at the top of the bark, then joined the two with a line. “This is your route, but beware the short cut. Keep to the left at Owl Tree, else you stray into the Dead Forest and Dragon Mountain.”Develop your strategy

Red Riding Hood shivered: she had been well warned about the dangers of Dragon Mountain.

“And even the right path itself is not always safe,” Granny continued, making a few more marks on the bark “Do not stop to pick mushrooms, they are poisonous, and don’t stop to pick flowers, they may be pretty but you will waste your time and be left in the dark.” Red Riding Hood nodded.

“Here,” Granny pinned the map to the inside of Red Riding Hood’s cloak. “Keep the map close and check it often. Do not stray.” And she pushed Red Riding Hood out of the door to set back out home. “Remember,” she said, “You have to decide where you want to go, make a map to get there, note any difficulties and CHECK THE MAP OFTEN!” She almost shouted the last words.

Red Riding Hood started off, unsure now of her way after the fright she had had earlier. But she knew her mother would worry if she didn’t arrive home before dark and might set out to try and find her. The path from Granny’s cottage was clear at first. She had walked it many times before, but now, by herself and with the afternoon waning, she began to doubt her ability to get home. Then she remembered Granny’s words, “Keep the map close and check it often.”

Follow The Map

Red Riding Hood opened her cloak and checked the map pinned to the inside. She could see the owl tree ahead, so she knew she was still on the right path and she stepped out boldly, keeping to the left at the tree. The path became a little fainter after this, especially as the light was fading with clouds spreading across the sky. She shivered and pulled her cloak closer about her. The map pinned on the inside rustled against her and comforted her. She could look at it anytime. Red Riding Hood looked around, making sure there were no wolves nearby but all she could see were white bumps in the grass.

“Mushrooms,” she thought. “Those would make a good tea.” The wind blew more strongly and she drew her cloak even closer, preparing to collect the mushrooms, then the map rustled again inside her cloak. Forgetting the wind, she opened her cloak and checked Granny’s map. The mushrooms were poisonous! She looked at her feet, they were right on the very edge of the path. She stepped back hurriedly and almost ran the next part of the path. As she ran, the clouds thinned and a few rays of sunshine illuminated the path ahead and some nodding daisies, right beside the path, where she would not need to step out of the way.

“Mother would love those,” she thought, then remembered that they were on the map too, so hurried on by, ignoring them. A path joined from the right. That was the short cut from the dead forest, so she knew she wasn’t far from home. Somewhere, a wolf howled and Red Riding Hood stopped still on the path, wondering if the wolf could be between her and home.

Target Achieved – Draw A New Map

From ahead, a light shone from an open door. She was home and no dark shape barred her way. She ran for safety but when she went to tell her mother about the map, it was gone.

“It must have fallen off,” she told her mother, but her mother smiled. “Once you have reached your objective, you draw a new map,” she said.