Overcome Denial

I’m In Denial – Now What? This was told to me by someone I knew some years ago: Agnes’s Story “I know others have told me to lose weight. Even my doctor has told me to lose weight. I thought he said ‘wait, wait’ and I asked, ‘wait for what?’ ‘No,’ he said, ‘The problem […]

Motivation For Weight Loss

Need Motivation To Lose Weight? Do you want to lose weight? Or have your friends, your partner or your doctor told you that you could do with dropping a few pounds? What is your reaction? Do you pat your muffin tops or your belly and agree, then forget about it? Do you starve yourself for […]


How To Stay Motivated To Lose Weight

It is common to hear success stories about people successfully losing weight within a matter of a few months, but it is also not surprising to stumble upon not so successful stories of individuals who failed at reaching their ideal weight. You may have even failed yourself in your first attempt to shed off those […]